Brendan Riley: Why is Vallejo ignoring its own General Plan?

Letters to the Editor | Feb. 8, 2021

Regarding the proposed use of the old State Farm building on the waterfront as a new police station, this is clearly at odds with Vallejo’s General Plan Update (GPU), adopted by the Vallejo City Council in 2017. A major focus of the plan was on improvements that would make the waterfront more attractive and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike. 

The General Plan has been described as a sort of “bible” or road map for the city to follow over the years. Updating the plan was a long, costly process and its wording was not adopted willy-nilly. The plan was the product of 3 ½ years of discussion and deliberation by the General Plan Working Group, on which I served. 

It’s important to note the wording from the “Safe City” section of the plan, which deals specifically with the need for a new police station. On page 3-12 of the plan, Policy CP-2.1F states the following goal: 

“Address the need for a new public safety facility site and building to replace the aging Police Department Facility through a feasibility study and seek out funding opportunities. Identify a suitable location centrally located within easy access to major thoroughfares and freeways.” 

Funding opportunities were sought out, but was a feasibility study ever conducted? If so, let’s see that study. The waterfront site has access to some major thoroughfares but how is the west edge of town “centrally located” and where is the “easy access” to freeways? This waterfront location is actually further away from the center and has worse freeway access than the existing Police Department location.

Why does the city appear to be ignoring its own General Plan? 

Brendan Riley


Published by John Glidden

John Glidden is a freelance journalist reporting on the city of Vallejo. The native Vallejoan also covers the local school district, Vallejo elections, and public safety.

One thought on “Brendan Riley: Why is Vallejo ignoring its own General Plan?

  1. Well, I assume they don’t understand the “general plan”.
    Why does the city council keep refusing to allow businesses to come here?
    American Canyon opened its doors to the Wal-Mart, 14 or so yrs. ago. Look how thwy have grown and prospered, but that’s another SAD story.

    The city streets are on BAD condition, patching is NOT the way to go.

    Why must we continue to see homeless camps under the overpasses and garbage everywhere?

    I’m a Napa native, moved here in ’03 and have had my house burglarized, 2 vehicles vandalized, items stolen off my property numerous times.

    Why did we move here? We couldn’t afford to live in Napa.

    Things I have taken upon myself to do was , notify the public works of how hwy 29 was full of big dangerous ruts and other streets in dire need. Reporting broken water mains, stopping a fight on a busy overpass, crazy, confronting a young man about urinating in a popular public parking lot. I’ve witnessed this numerous times.

    I know I’ve detracted from the subject, but this city had so many underlying problems.
    The general public has closed their eyes and shut the door.
    Nuff said.


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