Several departments and divisions are part of the administrative side of Vallejo City Hall, including the City Clerk’s Office, finance department, human resources, information technology, and risk management.

City Clerk

The Vallejo City Clerk’s Office manages and provides municipal election services, maintains the official records of all Vallejo City Council proceedings and performs other State and Municipal statutory duties for elected officials, voters, city departments, and the public.

Dawn G. Abrahamson

City Clerk: July 2011 — Present

Conditional Job Offer (June 2011)

Melissa Rhodes

Public Records Act Coordinator: Present

Finance Department

The Finance Department assists other departments in the city in meeting their service objectives by allocating and monitoring the Vallejo’s financial resources, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and other financial transactions.

Rekha Nayar

Finance Director: March 2019 — Present
Interim Finance Director: January to March 2019
Deputy Finance Director: October 2016 — January 2019

Rekha Nayar was hired as the city’s deputy finance director in October 2016. She was made interim finance director following the departure of longtime finance department employee Ron Millard in January 2019.

Employment Agreement (March 2019)

Differential Pay Authorization (January 2019)

Ron Millard

Finance Director: November 2015 – January 2019
Interim Finance Director: July 2014 — November 2015
Assistant Finance Director: — November 2015

Ron Millard was hired as an account, eventually being named as assistant finance director before he was tapped to serve as the city’s interim finance director following the departure of Deborah Lauchner in July 2014. Millard was made the permanent finance director in November 2015 and left the city organization in January 2019.

Final Offer of Employment (January 2016)

Employment Agreement as Finance Director (Nov. 2, 2015)

Personnel Action Report from Assistant Finance Director to Interim Finance Director (July 2014)

Employment Offer for Accounting Position (March 2013)

Deborah Lauchner

Finance Director: May 2011 — July 2014

Human Resources Department

The human resources department provides personnel management and labor relations support to all city departments. 

Rachel Ferguson

Human Resources Director: June 2022 — Present

Employment Agreement as Human Resources Director (June 2022)

Mark Love

Human Resources Director: July 2021 — January 2022
Interim Human Resources Director: March — July 2021
Assistant Human Resources Director: November 2019 — March 2021

Mark Love was first hired as the assistant human resources director in November 2019 and was elevated to interim human resources director following the departure of Heather Ruiz in March 2021. Love was made the permanent human resources director by then-interim City Manager Anne Cardwell. Love left the city in January 2022.

Employment Agreement as Human Resources Director (July 2021)

Promotional Offer Letter as HR Director (July 2021)

Employee Status Change Form (July 2021)

Employee Status Change Form (June 21, 2021)

End of Differential Pay Authorization (June 20, 2021)

Differential Pay Authorization (March 1, 2021)

Heather Ruiz

Interim Deputy City Manager: October 2020 – March 2021
Human Resources Director: July 2018 — October 2020

Heather Ruiz was hired as the city’s human resources director by then-City Manager Greg Nyhoff in July 2018. Ruiz was promoted to interim deputy city manager in October 2020 by Nyhoff. Ruiz left the city organization in March 2021 to take a job with the city of Napa.

Differential Pay Authorization as Interim Deputy City Manager (2020)

Conditional Offer of Employment (May 2018)

Jasmin Loi

Human Resources Director: March 2016 — October 2017

Employment Agreement (January 2016)

Janet Thiessen

Human Resources Program Manager: May 2014 — May 2015; March 2016 — February 2019
Interim Human Resources Director: May 2015 — March 2016

Stephanie Sifuentes

Assistant Human Resources Director: October 2021 — June 2022
Human Resources Program Manager: February 2019 — October 2021
Senior Personnel Analyst: November 2018 – February 2019

Information Technology

Conditional Offer of Employment (August 2019)

Gregory Taylor

Information & Technology Director: Unknown — September 2019
Interim-Chief Information Officer: October 2013 — Unknown
Information System Manager: August 2007 — October 2013

Greg Taylor was hired as the city’s information systems manager in August 2007, before being tapped to serve as interim-chief information officer in October 2013.

With Taylor’s departure in September 2019, the information & technology director position was eliminated. The chief innovation officer position created to lead the city’s IT division.

Personnel Action Request to Interim Chief Information Officer (October 2013)

Employment Offer as Information Systems Manager (August 2007)

Risk Management Division

The Risk Management Division serves as a resource for city of Vallejo employees and citizens by identifying and managing risks, safeguarding city assets, protecting employee well-being, promoting safety, and reducing the frequency, severity and associated cost of claims.

Armond Sarkis

Risk Manager: November 2020 — Present

Conditional Offer of Employment (October 2020)

Erika Leahy

Risk Manager: March 2019 — June 2020
Interim Risk Manager: December 2018 — March 2019
Administrative Analyst – Risk Management: February 2013 – December 2018

Erika Leahy was hired as an administrative analyst in February 2013before being tapped to serve as the city’s interim risk manager in December 2018. Leahy was promoted to risk manager in March 2019. She left the city in June 2020.

Promotion to Risk Manager and Safety Officer Letter (February 26, 2019)

Personnel Action Request II (February 2019)

Personnel Action Request I (February 2019)

Herbert Lester

Risk Manager: August to December 2018

Separation Agreement and Release of Claims (December 2018 / January 2019)

Resignation Letter (December 13, 2018)

Termination Letter (December 12, 2018)

Conditional Offer of Employment (July 2018)

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