Vallejo City Attorney’s Office

The City Attorney’s Office provides legal services to the Vallejo City Council and the various city departments, employees and related entities and defends the city’s interests in administrative proceedings as well as in State and Federal court.

Veronica Nebb

Vallejo City Attorney: November 2020 — Present

First Amendment to Employment Agreement (September 2022)

Employment Agreement (2020)

Randy Risner

Chief Assistant City Attorney: December 2018 — February 2020; November 2020 — Present
Interim City Attorney: February – November 2020

Randy Risner started working for the city of Vallejo in December 2018 as chief assistant city attorney.; the number two in the City Attorney’s Office. Risner was promoted to interim city attorney in February 2020 with departure of City Attorney Claudia Quintana. Risner returned to the chief assistant city attorney position with hiring of Veronica Nebb as city attorney in November 2020.

Interim Employment Offer as City Attorney (2020)

Conditional Offer of Employment (2018)

Claudia Quintana

City Attorney: July 2012 – April 2020

Retirement letter – redacted (October 2019)

Retirement announcement (October 2019)

Second Amendment to Employment Agreement (2019)

First Amendment to Employment Agreement (2018)

Employment Agreement (2012)

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